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Flames oozed from the pit the dwarves had dug, spreading out in little tendrils over the grass and licking toward the apartment. The dwarves looked at one another and Gimli yelled up to Legolas.
"Where's Gandalf?"
"At the university!"
"Get him. Now." Javert commanded Jareth. "Before the apartment goes up in flames."
"I've never met Gandalf, what's he look like?" Jareth asked.
"Old, white beard, robes, funky hat. You can't miss him!"
Jareth nodded, disappearing in a poof of glitter. Sometimes the urgency of the situation outweighed his selfish desires and this was one of those times.
"Get the girls out of the building." Javert told Erik, "James, you come with me and see if those vampires are up yet."
Javert and James took the stairs two at a time going down to the basement. The door was open, a half dressed vampire standing in it.
"What is going on?" Jean-Claude asked. "I did not think there were earthquakes here."
"Your hired dwarves unearthed something and the pit filled with fire. You've got to get out of here now," James said.
"Asher!" Jean-Claude cried, "We must leave now!"
The vampires appeared from the dark basement depths and followed Javert up into the lobby.
"Is the sun still above the horizon?" London asked.
James went ahead and looked out the door. "No, it's safe."
Outside they found a wall of fog shrouding the lot next door and much of the street.
"What happened?" James yelled. "Erik? Christine? Sarah?" He promptly tripped over a goblin carrying a water bucket. "What the bloody %#$@?"
"I told them to." Sarah said, appearing from the fog. "So the fire wouldn't spread."
"The fog is my fault." Luna appricated beside Sarah. "I thought a dousing spell would work. But all the water just made fog…"
The red glow became more intense and the dwarves started to bang their axes on their shields in an attempt to disorient the creature.
"Did someone call for a wizard?" Jareth asked as glitter mingled with fog. He stepped aside to reveal an elderly bearded wizard with robes and an odd hat. It was, however, not Gandalf.
"You brought Dumbledore, you stupid goblin king." Javert said tersely. "Lot of good he's going to be."
"You said old wizard with a beard, robes and funky hat! He toatly fits the bill!"
Dumbledore raised an eyebrow. "At least let me see what you're up against. I might not be an agent of the Vallar, but I am a wizard." Dumbledore walked with Jean-Claude and Jarvet over to the hastily erected dirt berm that the dwarves had thrown up against the fire.   
With a flick of his wand the fog disappeared, revealing the snarling face of a balrog feet from his own. The beast had four great sweeping horns curving around his face and fangs eight inches long. Fire licked up from his skin and glistened behind his black eyes.
"A balrog of Morgoth, can't be harder then Voldemort." Dumbledore pushed up his sleeves and yelled. "Reducio!" The brilliant red spell bounced off the balrog's horn and the creature snorted.  "Petrificus Totalus!" That spell bounced off as well and the balrog started to laugh.
"You funny little wizard, you think I am some mere mortal?" The balrog sneered.  
"No, I do not." Dumbledore said softly, "But I think you forget where you are." He stepped aside as Wicked and Truth came over, each carrying a bazooka.
The balrog rolled his eyes and lay down on the ramp coming out of the pit, his head at the vampires' eyelevel.
"Brave little buggers." The balrog admitted. "Start talking, vampires."
"The cost of coal and oil keeps going up," Jean-Claude said in a roundabout manner, "and I'm building a bath house here."
The balrog nodded. "I want a classy lady to talk to and read to me and I'll heat the water for you."    
"Good, now if my dwarves can get back to digging…"
The balrog nodded and retreated back into a tunnel in the far wall of the pit.
"Where did you get those bazookas?" Jarvet asked. "Aren't they banned?"
"No 'thank you' for saving your apartment building?" Jean-Claude shrugged, "Come on, my good vampires, let's go find dinner."
"Hey! I hope you're not going to do anything illegal!" Jarvet hollered after the vampires. "And we still need to talk about the dwarves' working hours!"  
"Where's the balrog?"
Jarvet and the others turned to see Gandalf dismounting from his white horse.
"You missed it, Jean-Claude talked him down," Christine said. "You can go back to the university now, everything's okay."
"Have we met before?" Gandalf asked Dumbledore.
"I'm only the other great wizard who abandons those who rely on me when they need me most." Dumbledore smiled. "What we do in the name of character growth."     
Gandalf laughed. "Would you care to come get a pint of ale with me at the Green Dragon? I'm sure we have stories to swap."
"I'd like that," Dumbledore said, "Very much."
Things are about to get strange.

Poor Jareth, can't tell one wizard from another.

Characters (c) their respective writers
Concept by AsheRhyder.

comments appreciated
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Tavata Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2011
Jajajaja It was perfect! I like the mistake with Gandalf and Dumbledore jajaja and the bazooka, oh dear, absolutly perfect!! And Javert and "something illegality" GORGEOUS!!!
LadyAkeldama Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2011  Student Artisan Crafter
thanks! I haven't written much more because i've been sick for the past month and my energy is sapped.

i'll get back into the writing game, thanks for the encouragement!
Tavata Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011
I hope you are better right now =) and We have more pages about your story very soon =)
LadyAkeldama Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2011  Student Artisan Crafter
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