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Two weeks prior:
Jean-Claude sat curled in the passenger's seat as Asher drove the long road from Olympia to Forks.
"Everyone I talked to said to ask Alice." Asher said quietly. "Don't worry, Jean-Claude."
"Do I look worried?"
"Distraught." Asher was not used to seeing his lover so depressed and it worried him greatly.
Jean-Claude shrugged as they entered Forks, pausing only briefly at the town's one stoplight before turning down the long road that led to the Cullen's house. Trees flashed by on either side until the road ended in a clearing in front of a large white Victorian house.
Jean-Claude climbed wearily out of the car with Asher and walked to the front door. Alice opened it before he knocked.
"Welcome! Come in, come in! You two look absolutely thirsty, come have a drink." Alice said, kissing both Jean-Claude and Asher on the cheek in the French style of greeting.
The two vampires followed her warily into the kitchen, half expecting to see a deer tied down to the table. Instead Alice brought a pitcher of blood from the fridge and poured it into three wine glasses that sat waiting on the table.
Asher drained his glass alongside Alice, Jean-Claude just looked at his.
"It's bear, Jasper and Emit caught it…" Alice said, "Jean-Claude, ask your question so that I may hear it from you."
"Am I going to die? I fell a struggle coming, one that will decide my fate and that of my vampires."
Alice nodded. "I looked ahead when I saw you coming here. You future is clouded by choices that have yet to be made. But one thing is for sure, you will die, as will some of those closest to you."
"Will ma petite, Anita, die?"
"No, she will fulfill her dark and glorious purpose set before her by her writer."
"So I die defending her?"
Alice shook her head, not able to find a kind way to tell the vampire his sad fate. "She sacrifices you to become the Mother of Darkness, your death serves no purpose."
"You can not be serious! Surely you see wrongly."
"I have never not seen the truth."  
Jean-Claude reached forward and took the glass of blood, draining it slowly. After a few moments he put the glass down. "We are leaving, Asher. I will not die for no reason, I will not be sacrificed by a lady who barely loves me anymore. Alice, come with us, tell me what other vampires die needlessly and show us where a safe place to live is. Please."
Chapter 1.3
Poor Jean-Claude!

Characters (c) their creators.
Brilliant concept by AsheRhyder
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Tavata Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2011
Poor Jean-Claude =(

I have a little question, who is the mother of the darkness?
LadyAkeldama Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2011  Student Artisan Crafter
She's like the vampire queen or mother, an odd and evil character
Tavata Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2011
Ohhhh it's very interesting =) Thanks to answer =)
ShadowinEX Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
FFfffffff'aw. D:
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